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About Us

Actually, let’s start with you…
You love big mutts and you cannot lie and bully breeds have caught your eye.
You know “pitties” and bully breed dogs have been dealing with a lot of crap in recent years, not unlike maligned breeds of decades past. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans have all spent time in the ‘bad dog’ seat, and now blocky headed dogs are having their turn. From backyard breeding, to mistreatment to rampant misinformation about their essential nature, you get that pitties need our help, our educated minds and our open hearts and homes and you want to do your part to give a pup in need a paw up.
How do you get started? If you Google ‘pit bull rescue in Chicago’ about 523,000 results will show up.
Yeah. That’s just Chicago. Kinda makes it a little hard to know where to go and how to choose a rescue group that you can trust and rely on, doesn’t it?
That is why we are so glad you are here! Our main goal, in addition to saving the lives of bullies in need is to support YOU in being the most educated, prepared, savvy pit bull companion you can be, whether you choose to foster or to adopt.
We are a small rescue, committed to leading with our heads rather than our hearts, to help quality dogs find quality homes. We’ve been involved in rescue a long time and we have seen what happens to groups who try to save as many urgent dogs as they can as fast as they can. That may be well-intended (big hearts are a good thing!) but urgency-led rescues aren’t good for the people involved and they aren’t good for the dogs who can end up being failed by the very system that was trying to save them.
We are not that rescue.
We work closely with area shelters to get as much information as we can about the dogs we take in so we can be as prepared as possible to provide for their needs as we place them in well-matched foster homes. If you would like to join our team of fosters, expect us to have a close ongoing relationship with you as you help your pup get ready for their permanent home.
If you are looking to adopt, expect us to get to know you, too, so we can help you find the dog that will thrive best in your home situation. Like big dogs in general, pit bull type dogs tend to have big personalities, and are an athletic bunch (they even power nap). They aren’t right for every owner, but not every person should be allowed behind the wheel of a Maserati either.
Wondering if a pittie is right for you (and if you are right for them)? Talk to us!

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