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We have a wish list with lots of goodies to choose from! Our foster pups are grateful for any of your gifts.
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PawTree Products Translate into Savings for You!
With no fillers or by-products, our nutritionally-dense food is rich in named-animal proteins and antioxidants, providing the pure, natural nutrition your pets need. As a result, you'll feed less per day than other pet food.
Our holistic approach to pet nutrition allows your pets to thrive, not just survive. This preventative measure helps you to avoid costly vet visits.
But we’re not just "selling" you a bag of food or treats, we’re providing a lifetime of proper nutrition.
All products are National Animal Supplement Council Certified. This ensures testing & guaranteed product formulations.
Supplements, treats, food, toys, and more!
10% of all sales made through our site are donated back to area rescues.
Use the coupon code INTRO4U to receive 20% off your order.
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We are thrilled to have partnered with Grounds & Hounds.
Using our link gets you 15% off your purchase and we get 10% of your purchase as a donation!
For us to get credit you must use the Coupon code: chitownpitties15
G&H whole bean, ground and single pod coffees are fair trade and organic. You can also get hot cocoa (gluten-free and dairy-free!). You can find super cute mugs, apparel, brew products and more.
They even have coffee subscriptions that earn us donations month after month!
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Every Bark Box has 2 Bark Box exclusive toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats and a chew, curated for each month's unique themed collection. There is even a Super Chewer box option for those toy destroyers!
Subscribe to Bark Box and you get your first box for just $13 and CTP gets a $25 donation!
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We have a wishlist at so you can shop for our foster dogs or you can send us gift cards.
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Wine and Dogs sells everything a dog & wine lover wants and needs – clothing, drinkware, gifts, accessories, and more!  This company seeks to promote & support the rescues and animals that need us the most while giving you, our invaluable champions, a thank you for your continued advocacy and support. 
Use our personalized code: CTP2022
  • 10% of your order will be donated back to our rescue!
  • YOU will receive $5 off YOUR order! 
  • All Year Round!
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2 Hounds has decided to extend their collar/leash/harness program year-round! This is great news for us because when you donate, 2 Hounds matches your donation and adds one more!
Chi-Town Pitties uses the 2 Hounds Design harnesses and leashes for our foster dogs and each dog goes home with their harness and leash when they are adopted to their forever home.
You donate 3 and they donate 4 so we get a total of 7!
You donate 6 and they donate 7 so we get a total of 13!
You can choose to donate just collars, collars with matching leashes or harnesses with matching leashes.
You'll need a little info from us for when you place your donation order:
Large collars
Medium collars
Large harnesses
Medium harnesses


Collar style:
1 inch
Webbing Color:
Your choice!


Chi-Town Pitties
Mailing address:
46 Danada Square West
Unit 4074
Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone number:
(630) 551-8696
Click HERE to donate harnesses & leashes
Click HERE to donate collars & leashes
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 This is the story of a sweet homeless dog named Jessie and her journey to find the life she longs for.  Jessie's life is filled with trials but she never gives up hope.  Through her perseverance she finds that the world does have love for her.
Jessie's journey captivates the young reader from the very first page.  The arc of her journey elicits feelings of sympathy, empathy, compassion, kindness and joy.  Her universal need and desire for love and safety is a message embraced by even the littlest of readers.  Tapping into these emotions in young children is vital for their development as well as making the world a better place...for both the four-legged and two-legged."
This is a great book for teachers, too!  Includes discussion questions.  For ages 4-7.
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