Why Foster?
Without foster homes, rescue organizations would not exist. Without rescues organizations, municipal animal shelters can quickly fill to capacity with unwanted animals, the majority of whom have every ability to become cherished companions and family pets.
When shelters are unable to keep up with the physical space demands of animals taken into their care, they are left with only one choice unless rescue organizations can ease the burden.
Foster homes save lives. Period. It really IS that simple.
You know what would save even more lives? More people committing to responsible pet ownership, and taking such actions as spaying and neutering their pets to prevent unwanted litters and always choosing to adopt rather than shop to take away the profit incentive of those who engage in illicit and inhumane breeding practices.
We are making progress in that area, but the reality is we will need the help of ordinary folks willing to take the extraordinary step of opening their home to animals in need for a long time to come.
Why Foster for Chi-Town?
If you are a bully breed lover looking to join the world of rescue, we are here to offer you a place where your needs and the needs of the dog you care for are taken into consideration.
We are not just looking for any home in which to place an animal in need. We want to take care to help place well-matched rescue dogs into homes that are prepared to set the dog up for long term adoptive success. We want to partner with you to help you feel confident and prepared to help your dog settle into your home, whether that means educating you on how to best set up your space, helping you get up speed on how to use positive training technique to help your dog gain basic skills to be their most adoptable, or helping more experienced fosters learn ways to work with dogs who may need additional help to thrive.
In return, we want to work with fosters who understand that they provide us with vital information which will help us make the best ultimate match of dog to adoptive home. Your day to day experience with your foster dog will be crucial to our promotional efforts on behalf of the dog through social media and at live adoption events.
Can you relate? If so, we’d love to have you join us!


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Other Foster-related FAQ's:
What kind of support is offered to fosters? Is there training available for “hard” case dogs?
We are completely fear/force free in our training and treatment practices. All of our fosters are required to attend ASB "Intro to Training" class as a starter. Each foster will have access to an Interaction Team member for support, and if the dog requires more we will arrange for a trainer to come out, or set up a group class.  The next step for a dog with behavioral issues that were not improving with training would be a behavioral evaluation and/or appointment with Dr. Jokela (veterinary behaviorist).
What is provided for foster animals?
We provide all vetting, harness/leash/collar/tags, food, monthly HW prevention meds, Flea/tick prevention, one-on-one support with a foster coordinator and our interaction team, access to our private group on FB for fosters/adopter/volunteers, and training support.


Where are the vet clinics located?
Algonquin, Elgin, South Elgin, Geneva, Naperville, Crest Hill, and Chicago. We also work with various ER and specialty clinics.


Are we strictly a bully breed-only rescue or do we allow any breed within the rescue?
We are primarily a bully breed rescue (pitties, English bulldogs, mastiffs, etc), but we also take mixes of those breeds, and an occasional non-bully senior or hospice case.


Are fosters responsible for any screening of applicants or associated paperwork?
We also have an application team that completely screens all applicants, conducts the home visits, and does all the adoption paperwork, etc so fosters are not responsible for any of that.


What if I have a vacation scheduled?
Please let us know as soon as possible so proper arrangements can be made to set up a "vacation" foster. Because the dog is technically the property of the rescue it is our responsibility to find placement during that time.


In what areas are the adoption events?
Our events/fundraisers are all over the suburbs and Chicago, concentrated in the areas that have proven to be the most successful. You are not required to attend these since we know that not all dogs are cut out for these types of stressful environments. One of our team will reach out and ask if you are available to attend and give all the details if we feel your foster could handle the event.


Are you able to foster another animal with a different rescue while fostering with CTP?
No, it is too much of a liability


What if I want to adopt my foster?
You must let your point of contact know as soon as possible, and notice must be given prior to the foster meeting with any families. Adoption fees are still applicable.