Jelly Bean

* Approximate Age 2 Year Old *  Dog-Friendly * Up To Date On Vaccines  * Child- Friendly*  House-trained * Deaf * Must Have Fenced Yard
Meet Jelly Bean, the two-year-old dynamo of doggy delight! Jelly Bean is a high-energy, high-fun package of canine enthusiasm looking for her forever playmate. She's a real dog's dog, always up for a game of tug-of-war with her favorite ropes or a spirited chase with her fellow four-legged pals. Jelly Bean might steal a ball or two just for the thrill of the chase, but hey, what's life without a little mischief, right? When she's not in turbo mode, she's quite the cuddle bug, content to lounge on the couch or chew on a tasty bone. And don't forget her unique talent: Jelly Bean loves to wiggle her way into your heart with her signature "wigglebutt" move. Just try to resist those wiggles; we dare you! While she may not be a fan of wearing sweaters, she's a fan of everything else, from treats (cheese is her top pick) to ear scratches (her backside is her sweet spot).
Now, let's talk about Jelly Bean's one quirky habit: her passionate dislike for leashes. She turns into a fierce leash-biting whirlwind, but don't be discouraged; her foster parent is working on it. If you've got a fenced yard, you'll be her hero, as she thrives when she can run free without the leash hassle. Jelly Bean is a sweet celebrity wannabe, charming everyone with her extreme wiggles and love for all humans. So, if you're ready for a wild child who'll keep you entertained and loved, Jelly Bean is your ticket to endless fun and furry affection. Get ready for a life filled with laughter and canine cuddles with this one-of-a-kind pup!
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* Approximate Age 2 Year Old *  Dog-Friendly * Cat-Friendly *  Up To Date On Vaccines * Neutered *
Meet Harvey, the canine connoisseur of cozy couch cuddles and backyard adventures! At just two years old, this lovable pup is like a ray of sunshine on four legs, spreading joy wherever he goes. With his zest for life, Harvey's daily routine includes strolls through the woods, tail-wagging investigations in his fenced yard, and plenty of quality time snuggled up with his humans. It's clear that Harvey isn't just a dog; he's a furry philosopher, soaking up the sights and sounds of the neighborhood from his perch on the couch or the bed in the guest room. His intelligence shines through as he listens intently to every word, ready to engage in a chat at a moment's notice.
Harvey's love knows no bounds, extending to both humans and fellow canines alike. While he may greet visitors with boundless excitement, he quickly settles into the role of the perfect host, eager to make new friends. During his leisurely walks, Harvey's gentle demeanor shines as he hopes for friendly encounters with passersby, both furry and not. Even with his keen eye for squirrel surveillance, Harvey's focus remains sharp, redirecting from distractions with ease. But it's in his spacious fenced yard where Harvey truly shines, basking in the sun and indulging in spirited games of ball or tug-of-war. With a heart as big as his personality, Harvey is ready to bring laughter, love, and endless tail wags to his forever home, where patient adopters and a fenced yard await to complete his happily ever after.
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* Approximate Age 4 Years Old * Selective Dog -Friendly *  Not Cat-Friendly * Older Kid-Friendly * Up To Date On Vaccines * Neutered *
Meet Pecan, the charming canine with a personality as sweet as his namesake! At around three years old, Pecan has blossomed into a wonderful companion, making strides in his journey towards doggy friendship. While he may need slow introductions with other dogs, his determination to make furry pals is evident daily. As for our feline friends, well, Pecan might never be their number one fan, but hey, everyone has their quirks, right? On the bright side, this easygoing pup is most likely kid-friendly, making him a potential best friend for your little ones. Pecan enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like napping on the dog couch (seriously, he's a pro at it), taking leisurely walks, and munching on apples – his all-time favorite treat! When he's not indulging in apples, Pecan adores gnawing on bones and being an all-around good boy. Don't be surprised if you find yourself enchanted by his big, soulful eyes and adorable paw taps to get your attention. And if you ever need a laugh, just wait for one of his notorious "dirty looks." Pecan is the king of expressions!
Pecan has truly transformed from a pup who needed a little extra TLC to a well-mannered, crate-loving, and potty-trained pooch. He's a great listener who's mastered basic commands and even learned the impressive trick of going "back." Baths and nail trims? No problem for this canine champ. Although he might snore a little and occasionally offer a gentle snort, his most endearing quality is his penchant for cuddles and scratches on his giant head. Despite his initial burst of energy, Pecan has evolved into a bit of a couch potato, opting for afternoon naps and victory laps rather than zoomies. He may not be a fan of car rides, but with such a lovable personality, who cares? Pecan, affectionately known as "Peeks," is the perfect companion for someone seeking a canine friend who's up for slow intros with other dogs and has an arsenal of expressions that will keep you entertained. So, if you're looking for a delightful addition to your family, Pecan might just be the nutty pup you've been dreaming of!
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* Approximate Age 13 Years Old *  Selectively Dog-Friendly * Up To Date On Vaccines * Neutered *
Meet Ike, the wise old sage of the dog world with a personality as unique as they come. At around 12 years old, Ike's seen it all, and he's not afraid to let you know he's in charge. While Ike might not be the cuddly type, his foster knows that beneath that tough exterior lies a heart of gold. He's got a discerning palate and a fondness for pill pockets that would make any dog envious. Chicken and Rawbble duck are the way to his heart when it comes to food. Toys? Not his thing. Ike prefers spending his time strolling the yard, occasionally tolerating the company of his buddy Tony, or simply lounging next to his chosen human, granting them the honor of his presence.
Now, Ike might have a few quirks that set him apart from the pack. He's no fan of celery or most dog foods, and he couldn't care less about toys. He's not one to be petted without his consent, and getting his belly band on can be quite the ordeal. But don't be surprised if you catch him snoring occasionally; it's all part of his charm. Ike's not one for tricks or formalities, but he knows the importance of sitting when the situation calls for it. And when it comes to crates, he's perfectly fine with them. In Ike's world, he's a bit of a feline aficionado, making his own rules and expecting everyone to fall in line – or get a gentle gumming as a reminder. So, if you're up for adopting a one-of-a-kind canine character who's part dog, part cat, and all personality, Ike just might be your ticket to a truly unique companionship adventure. Just remember, in Ike's world, he's the boss, and you're lucky to be in his presence, "Dick Band Ike" and all!
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* Approximate Age 6 Years * Kid Friendly * Spayed * Up To Date On Vaccines *
Meet Akela, the six-year-old wonder pup with a heart as big as her wagging tail! While she might not be the biggest fan of furry companions, Akela is an absolute delight with people, making her the perfect four-legged friend for a solo adventurer or a family with older kids. This lovable lady has a few preferences that make her tail wag even faster – she adores PB Kongs, hard chew toys, and antlers, proving that she's got a taste for the finer things in the canine world. Akela's not one to shy away from a good walk or a cozy snuggle session, and her foster parent can vouch for her love of being fully covered under a blanket, head and all – talk about a dog with a sense of humor!
When it comes to training, Akela knows the basics like sit, down, and paw, showcasing her well-mannered side. While she might not have a repertoire of tricks, she's a good listener and a loyal companion who's always ready for a leisurely walk or a cuddle on the couch. Don't be surprised if she paws at you for attention or wiggles her butt with excitement – it's all part of the charm that makes Akela one of a kind. So, if you're looking for a canine companion to share your days filled with walks, snuggles, and maybe a few PB Kongs, look no further than Akela, the queen of blanket burritos and heartwarming moments! Adopt her today and let the adventures begin!
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Petey Wheatie

* Approximate Age 1 Year * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly * Neutered *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Petey Wheatie, the bundle of joy wrapped in fur, with ears floppier than a pancake on a Sunday morning. With a coat as dark as an eclipse and eyes that twinkle with mischief, Petey is more than just a dog—he's a committed fur companion who will bring love and laughter to your life. Petey is happiest near his people. While he enjoys playing with other dogs, his true compassion is People. Petey will help you feel loved and needed. He just wants to be close to people and will follow you from room to room. Don’t worry though, Petey is content to just be near you. Although he likes to play, Petey doesn’t constantly hound you. He’ll wait until you’re ready.
Although Petey was rescued from the bustling streets, he’s amazingly well-behaved inside. You won’t need to worry about Petey tearing up your home! Although he is crate trained, Petey has been trusted alone with his foster dog brother for three hours without incident. Petey loves chew toys. He has a heart of gold and a nose for snacks, making training easy. He rides calmly in the car and walks well on a leash, making Petey the perfect companion for any adventure. Petey Wheatie bounds through life, igniting smiles on the faces of all who cross his path. With a wag of his tail and a bounce in his step, he's on a mission to show the world that every dog deserves a chance to shine. From playing fetch with tennis balls, chasing his tail in circles, to mastering the art of the puppy dog eyes, Petey is a friend who thrives on companionship. So, if you're in need of a furry friend to light up your days and warm your heart, look no further than Petey Wheatie—the four-legged buddy who's waiting to steal your heart.
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Norm - Sanctuary

* Approximate Age 3 Years * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly * Neutered *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Introducing Norm, the soon-to-be adoptable legend whose bark is just as iconic as his namesake from the beloved sitcom Cheers. With a coat as plush as a barstool cushion and a personality as warm as the Boston pub where everybody knows your name, Norm is the ultimate furry friend ready to bring laughter and love into your life. This lovable pup is gearing up for his grand entrance into your heart and home, where he'll undoubtedly become the life of the paw-ty. But don't let his laid-back demeanor fool you—Norm is more than just a couch potato; he's a canine connoisseur of fun, always ready to raise a toast to friendship and adventure.
As Norm eagerly awaits his forever family, his confidence comes through, like that of a regular at Cheers, capturing the hearts of all. With a tail wag that rivals the clinking of glasses and a smile as infectious as the show's theme song, Norm is a master at spreading cheer and wagging tails wherever he goes. From his comical antics reminiscent of the sitcom's beloved character to his uncanny ability to make even the dreariest day feel like happy hour, Norm is the furry friend you've been waiting for. So, if you're in need of a loyal companion who's guaranteed to make every moment feel like a celebration, look no further than Norm—the soon-to-be adoptable superstar who's ready to make your home his own personal Cheers.
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* Approximate Age 2 Years * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly * Neutered *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Otto, the charming four-legged comedian who wags his tail like a seasoned stand-up delivering punchlines. With ears flopping like wings of a happy butterfly, Otto waltzes into any room with the flair of a celebrity. This handsome fellow doesn't just steal hearts; he's a maestro in the art of tail-wagging diplomacy. Whether it's a game of fetch with the kids or a snuggle session on the couch, Otto's repertoire of tricks and treats is as boundless as his love. His dog-friendly demeanor is matched only by his unwavering affection for tiny humans, making him the ultimate family companion. If you're looking for a bundle of joy packaged in fur, Otto is your canine connoisseur of cuddles and laughter.
But wait, there's more to Otto than meets the eye! This canine Casanova isn't just about charm; he's also a philanthropist in the world of belly rubs. With his contagious enthusiasm, Otto spreads joy like confetti at a celebration. From wagging tails to wagging hearts, he's a walking testament to the transformative power of a furry friend. Whether he's stealing treats or stealing the spotlight, Otto's antics are sure to leave you in stitches. So, if you're ready to welcome a furry family member who's as loyal as he is lovable, Otto is ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures filled with laughter, love, and plenty of tail-wagging tales. Adopt Otto today and let the adventure begin!
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* Approximate Age 5 Years * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly * Spayed *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Introducing Rory, the enchanting blue beauty who's ready to paint your world with hues of love and companionship! With fur as mesmerizing as the ocean on a sunny day, Rory is a sight to behold. This four-legged artist isn't just a pretty face; she's a master of charm and charisma, wooing hearts with every wag of her tail. Whether she's prancing through the park or lounging in the sun, Rory's elegance is matched only by her playful spirit. With eyes that sparkle like sapphires and a personality as vibrant as a summer sunset, Rory is the epitome of canine royalty, deserving of a throne in the kingdom of your heart.
But don't let Rory's regal appearance fool you; beneath that majestic exterior lies a heart of gold and a mischievous streak to match! This blue beauty isn't afraid to get her paws dirty in the pursuit of fun and adventure. From frolicking in the fields to chasing toys with delight, Rory approaches life with boundless enthusiasm and a zest for the unknown. With her infectious energy and unwavering loyalty, Rory is more than just a pet; she's a partner in crime, a confidant, and a constant source of joy. So, if you're ready to embark on a magical journey filled with laughter, love, and endless tail wags, adopt Rory today and let the enchantment begin!
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Baby Boi - Adoption Pending

* Approximate Age 4 Years * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly * Neutered *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Step right up and meet the four-legged dynamo known as Baby Boi, the stunner with a heart of gold and a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms. This handsome hound boasts a coat as sleek and shiny as a freshly waxed sports car and a wagging tail that could rival the propellers of a helicopter. But don't be fooled by his tough-looking exterior; Baby Boi is a softie at heart, with a penchant for snuggling up on the nearest lap and dispensing slobbery kisses with reckless abandon.
But what truly sets Baby Boi apart from the pack is his unwavering loyalty and boundless affection. With his gentle demeanor and endless reserves of love, Baby Boi is more than just a pet – he's a loyal companion, a steadfast friend, and a source of endless joy and laughter. So, if you're ready to open your heart and home to a furry friend who will love you unconditionally, then look no further than Baby Boi. Adopt him today, and get ready to welcome a lifetime of love and companionship into your life.
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* Approximate Age 4 Years * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly *  Up To Date On Vaccines * Neutered *
Meet Archibald, the spirited bundle of joy who’s ready to bring endless happiness into your life. Archibald’s playful nature and boundless energy make him the perfect companion for anyone looking to add a spark of excitement to their daily routine. With his curious eyes and ever-wagging tail, he’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s a brisk walk in the park, a game of fetch, or simply exploring new corners of the backyard. Archibald thrives on interaction and will keep you entertained with his clever antics and heartwarming enthusiasm.
Archibald’s affectionate nature makes him an instant friend to everyone he meets. His love for people is matched only by his loyalty, making him a wonderful addition to any family. He enjoys being part of the action, always ready to join in on family activities or cuddle up for some quiet time. Archibald’s friendly demeanor extends to other pets as well, making him a great playmate for dogs and a gentle companion. Adopt Archibald and experience the joy of a devoted and lively four-legged friend who will fill your home with laughter and love.
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Brigitte Bardot - Adoption Pending

* Approximate Age DOB 03/04/2023  * Dog Friendly * Kid Friendly *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Brigitte Bardot, a resilient and loving pup who is on the road to recovery and ready to find her forever home. Brigitte's gentle spirit and affectionate nature shine through as she bravely overcomes mange, showing just how strong and determined she is. Despite her journey, she remains cheerful and full of life, always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and a warm nuzzle. Her bright eyes and loving demeanor make her an instant favorite, spreading positivity wherever she goes.
Brigitte loves being around people and enjoys every bit of attention she receives. Whether she’s cuddling up for some quiet time or exploring the backyard with newfound energy, she makes every moment special. Her kind heart and playful spirit are infectious, bringing smiles to everyone around her. Brigitte gets along well with other pets and is always eager to make new friends. Adopting Brigitte Bardot means welcoming a courageous and loving companion who will fill your life with joy and unconditional love.
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Cliff - Heartworm Positive Medical Hold

* Approximate Age coming soon * Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Cliff, the lovable heartworm positive pup who brings the same charm and camaraderie as his namesake from the classic TV show Cheers. Just like the friendly bar where everybody knows your name, Cliff makes everyone feel welcome with his wagging tail and happy demeanor. His playful spirit and cheerful attitude light up every room, turning ordinary moments into heartwarming memories. Whether he’s lounging by your side or eagerly greeting new friends, Cliff embodies the warmth and friendliness of a true Cheers regular.
Cliff’s delightful personality and affectionate nature make him a standout companion. He gets along splendidly with other dogs and loves being part of the action, just like the beloved character on Cheers. Despite his heartworm positive condition, Cliff remains full of enthusiasm.
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Muscle Man

* Approximate DOB 8/13/2023 * Selective Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Neutered * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Muscle Man, a vibrant young dog with a zest for life and a heart full of love. This energetic pup thrives on adventure, always eager for a game of fetch or a brisk run in the park. His enthusiasm for playtime is matched only by his loyalty, making him the perfect companion for anyone with an active lifestyle. Muscle Man’s boundless energy and joyful spirit turn every day into an exciting new adventure.
Muscle Man’s friendly nature and loving personality make him a favorite among people and dogs alike. He forms strong bonds quickly, offering plenty of cuddles and affection to his human companions. His eagerness to please and quick learning ability make him a joy to train. Adopting Muscle Man means bringing home a devoted friend who will fill your life with laughter, love, and endless fun.
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Gordita - Adoption Pending

* Approximate Age Unknown * Selectively Dog Friendly *  Older Kid Friendly *  Spayed * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Gordita, a resilient and loving dog who has overcome incredible odds. Found as a stray in dire condition, Gordita’s strength and spirit shine through despite her rough past. Her unfortunate journey has not changed her affectionate nature, always ready to share her love. Gordita’s eyes sparkle with hope and gratitude, and her wagging tail speaks volumes about her enduring positive attitude.
Gordita’s warm and friendly demeanor makes her an instant favorite with everyone she meets. She loves cuddling up and enjoys the simple pleasures of life, from leisurely walks to cozy nap times. Despite the neglect she endured, Gordita remains trusting and eager to form strong bonds with her new family. Adopting Gordita means welcoming a courageous and loving friend who will fill your home with warmth and unconditional love. Give her the chance she deserves, and Gordita will reward you with a lifetime of loyalty and affection.
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* Approximate Age 10 Years * Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Neutered * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Mufasa, a dignified senior dog with a heart full of love and a soul brimming with wisdom. This gentle giant has a calm and serene demeanor that brings a sense of peace to everyone around him. Mufasa loves leisurely strolls in the park, where he can take in all the sights and smells at his own relaxed pace. His graceful presence and soft eyes reveal a lifetime of experiences, making every moment spent with him truly special.
Mufasa’s affectionate nature and loyal spirit make him the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loving friend. He enjoys quiet evenings curled up by your side and is always ready for a gentle cuddle. Despite his age, Mufasa’s heart is young, and he cherishes every bit of attention and love he receives. Adopting Mufasa means bringing home a wise and loving companion who will fill your days with warmth, comfort, and unwavering loyalty.
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Ernie The Baconator - Adoption Pending

* Approximate Age Unknown * Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Neutered * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Ernie the Baconator, the resilient pup who was discovered abandoned in a Wendy's parking lot but hasn't let that dim his sunny disposition. Despite his rough start, Ernie the Baconator is a bundle of joy, spreading cheer (and slobber) wherever he goes with his wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm. His playful antics and infectious energy make him the life of the party, whether he's running around or lounging in the sun with his favorite chew toy. Ernie The Baconator's adventurous spirit and unwavering optimism serve as a reminder that every dog deserves a chance to shine, no matter where they come from.
Ernie The Baconator's heartwarming journey from a Wendy's parking lot to a loving forever home will be a testament to his resilience and spirit. Despite the uncertainty of his past, Ernie The Baconator will be quick to shower his new family with love and affection, grateful for every moment of warmth and companionship. His playful nature and gentle soul make him an instant favorite with everyone he meets, and his endearing charm is impossible to resist. Adopting Ernie means welcoming a furry friend who embodies the true meaning of resilience and proves that with a little love and kindness, anything is possible.
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* Approximate Age 3 * Dog Friendly *  Neutered * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Meet Walker, the epitome of canine charm and exuberance. With his sleek, ginger coat gleaming in the sunlight, Walker struts with a confidence that instantly captures hearts. His soulful, amber eyes are like pools of warmth, radiating affection and curiosity. Whether he's joyfully bounding through the park or gently nuzzling your hand for a pat, Walker’s playful spirit is irresistible. This vivacious pooch has a knack for turning any ordinary day into an adventure, his wagging tail and perky ears promising endless fun and companionship.
When the excitement of the day winds down, Walker transforms into the ultimate cuddle buddy, snuggling up beside you with a contented sigh. His loyalty and gentle demeanor make him the perfect addition to any family, always ready to offer a comforting presence and an infectious joy. Adopting Walker means gaining a faithful friend who brings joy, laughter, and a whole lot of love into your life.
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Pattie - Available Soon

* Approximate Age 4 Years * Slow Intro Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Spayed * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Say hello to Pattie, the sweet and sprightly pup who’s ready to bring boundless joy into your life. With her soft, caramel-colored fur and expressive, twinkling eyes, Pattie is the picture of canine cuteness. She prances around with a delightful bounce in her step, her fluffy tail wagging in cheerful rhythm. Pattie’s playful antics, whether it’s chasing after a squeaky toy or darting around the yard, are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her playful spirit makes every moment with her a delightful experience.
Pattie’s charm extends beyond her playful nature; she has a heart as warm as her fur. She loves to snuggle close, basking in the comfort of your presence, and offering gentle nuzzles that melt your heart. Her affectionate nature makes her an ideal companion for cozy nights on the couch, where she’ll happily curl up beside you. Pattie is also a quick learner, eager to show off her latest tricks for a tasty treat or a loving pat. Bringing Pattie into your home means welcoming a bundle of joy, love, and endless entertainment into your life.
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Tonka - Medical Hold

* Approximate Age 8 Years * Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Introducing Tonka, the irresistibly charming French Bulldog with a personality as robust as his name. With his dapper black coat and endearing bat-like ears, Tonka is a little bundle of charisma. His expressive, round eyes seem to speak volumes, always sparkling with curiosity and mischief. Whether he’s prancing around the living room with his favorite toy or striking a pose that flaunts his sturdy build, Tonka exudes a captivating blend of playful energy and dignified poise. His adorable snorts and snuffles only add to his unique charm, making every moment with him a delightful experience.
Tonka’s spirited nature is perfectly balanced by his loving, affectionate side. He adores cuddling up on the couch, nestling close to you with a contented sigh that warms the heart. His loyalty shines through in every interaction, as he eagerly follows you around the house, always ready to offer a friendly nudge or a joyful bark. Tonka’s knack for making people smile and his unwavering companionship make him an exceptional addition to any family. Adopting Tonka means inviting a whirlwind of fun, laughter, and unconditional love into your home, transforming everyday moments into cherished memories.
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Tilly - Medical Hold

* Approximate Age 3 Years * Slow Intro Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
Introducing Tilly, the energetic French Bulldog with a surprising talent for high-flying hops! This vivacious pup is the epitome of excitement, her multi-colored coat a blur of motion as she bounds around with infectious enthusiasm. Tilly’s remarkable agility and leaping prowess turn every playtime into an entertaining spectacle, as she effortlessly springs into the air to catch a frisbee or pounce on her favorite toy. Her expressive, round eyes sparkle with a mix of curiosity and joy, capturing the hearts of everyone she meets with her delightful antics.
Tilly’s high-energy escapades are perfectly complemented by her affectionate and loving nature. After a day filled with impressive jumps and playful sprints, she loves to unwind by snuggling close, her warmth and gentle presence providing the perfect end to any day. Despite her boundless energy, Tilly has a sweet and patient side, always eager to shower her family with love and companionship. Bringing Tilly into your home means adding a bundle of joy, laughter, and aerial acrobatics to your life, making every moment with her a thrilling and heartwarming experience.
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Dante - Available Soon

* Approximate Age Unknown * Dog Friendly *  Kid Friendly *  Neutered * Up To Date On Vaccines * 
More Info As He Settles In...
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Goofy pictures, idiotic bios, and providing comic relief is what we're about. Not every rescue dog needs their focus to be on their past, so people feel sorry for them. They don't need or want our sympathy.
Our focus will be on giving them a platform to show people who they are NOW.  Real personalities, and real stories, that help potential adopters feel a connection with a dog, through an electronic device. Good stories, cringe worthy stories, good traits, and annoying traits. We'll provide all of it. Our focus, is the future.  Their future.
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